Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Since I've got nothing to do today, I decided to show you some of my paintings.
I like colored stuff:)

Most of them are acrylic, but I used to do oil painting, too.

Some people's faces stay in my mind for a long time.

I think there's a way to enjoy sadness

which is not that obvious in some characters.

You can be cold...

but something in you can still be warm.

Doesn't matter if you got friends...

or you are just by yourself,

If you are a whole,

or there are parts of you missing...

being lost in the stardust clouds of your mind

can be like a horse race

you don't have to bet for because you know

you are the only player, the only loser, and the only winner.

*However...the fact that someone can take over your mind and change all these rules is also true:)))!


  1. Hi Digitaljacklight
    I saw your comment on my blog and I just had to ask: how did you find me? You're my first European, so pleased to meet you

  2. Nous ne devrions pas endiguer ou canaliser la folie de créer. Elle est un des remparts de la liberté. Je retrouve dans ta peinture, cette exubérance et ce joie de peindre qui sont une ode à la vie.


  3. Hope you dont mind I found your blog through talenthouse, so now you have a new reader! feel free to visit mine! www.ideaupload.blogspot.com

    The sixth painting down is badass!!! feel free to send it to me lol