Sunday, October 24, 2010

love at the distance

Guess I' some...rabbits...

:)some more colors!

color days in my mind...

With so many boxes I'll have to buy more earrings to put in them:))
Sorry for being late with the comics ;))I'll try to do my best and make some more...:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

selfish bitch

I open your love eyes and I love

your cold look.

I could smoke you a kiss but

I see you not to prefer.

I’ll break the glass you drink from and then

You can find me in everything.

After you drink the floor

Left on the broken pieces.

You hand my despair

laugh of all I’ve choked with

and will deffinetly choke some more.

Coz there are enough veins in my room

and my lighter is still cooking on the top of your head.

colored bracelets

Some wearable stuff I've been making:

Will photograph some more one of these days

The sadness virus

Is there a sadness virus? No, it's not a joke. There must be, as many times I wake up terribly sad apparently for no reason and can't get myself together for the rest of the day. Sometimes week. Sometimes month. I find myself staring at some point in the transparent space around me with my mind completely empty. Why is my mind empty?

I wonder if there are people who can't be sad.

Is sadness something we were born with or did we get it by simply living?

I wish I could be many.

Be myself more ways than one. I look in the mirror and realize I can't perceive myself. How weird is that?:))