Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Animals missing something

Now I don't normally write...but I thought of writing this because it bothers me to see animals suffer. And because I'm concerned about their psychology, too. I'm trying to figure out what the animals that I photographed here are missing. For some it's clear:freedom. But what about the rest, those that apparently have no worries?

I found this cute dog many years ago near a lake. The sparkle in his eyes hit me. Hungry, cold, homeless, he had that glowing in his look that went right through me. At the same time, he actually looked like he didn't care whether I'd give him something to eat, pet him, or not. You know, some dogs love to get close to you, jump allover you and won't leave you alone until they've gotten what they came for. But this dog...he was different. He came to me and just started staring at me. Almost no move, no gesture, no nothing. He didn't ask for anything, he didn't give anything.

You know, I never went to the circus. Something in the "pay to view animals that don't belong here and don't want to belong but they have to" theory doesn't feel right to me. Every year in the same places: nothing changes except the animals getting thinner and thinner and then replaced. What is it in humans that makes them feel pleasure seeing other creatures suffer?

Come on, it's been a long time since the 18th century, when you couldn't see exotic creatures anywhere else than at the zoo or circus. I'm sure you got a tv at home, right? Why do you pay to see the circus?

Do you think that you could do all those crazy tricks the animals are forced to learn? Maybe not. Then why do you feel like it's almost a piece of cake for the animals to do them?

Guess why did God put the mouse in the house.

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